Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BJD in wishlist

mood: random
song: relax (mika)

Ive plan to get a 45cm BJD by this year.. *hopefully*
If i can manage to save up.. thats for sure.. LOL
1) Dollzone Hid-1 (Boy) 45cm
maybe i'll try to get a $150 44cm BJD for a start instead.. we will see how it goes.. *sigh* its sad to be poor .. Damn!!! because Hid will cost me a fortune to own him.. =[]=!!
since i will never able to get a 60cm ones without a job.. TT^TT
Still they will be in my wish list ... its nice to dream you know? >O<
1)Crobi Yeon-Ho B Type (Boy) 63cm


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