Friday, January 29, 2010


mood: tired
song: black rock shooter (miku)

Woke up at 11am.. Got ready to attend my Research Approach lectures today..
Got stuck in the traffic jam for an hour before reaching college.. ive forgotten that today is Thaipusam..
Zeon fetched me back after class from college.. xD
At night we went over to night market with JJ..
chicken ass!!!
my favourite!! xD
 shark fin soup and korokke!!
JJ invited us to celebrate Thaipusam together with him..
It would be my very first time though.. xD
went over to JJ's place after the night market..
Meet Billy the fat guinea pig >w<
 Ok.. i guess its best for me to let the pictures do the talking..
 JJ's younger brother
 we started our journey at around 11.30pm..
 the chariot
 pull! pull! pull!! @.@
 near Youth Park

 we marched up to the temple.. there were thousands of people there..@.@ 
it took us roughly 1 and a half hour to reach the temple.. 
it was a really tiring but one cool experience... xD
got back home at 4am.. OMG .. i never been home so late before.. @.@

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