Sunday, January 31, 2010


mood: random
song: help me (nick carter)

Woke up at 10.30am.. went get ready to go window shopping with Carol today.. xD
We went to QB *as usual*
it was really crowded with people.. especially Chinese..=X
i guess all of them are doing their "last minute shopping" as well.. xD
we went to Brands Outlet to have a look at their cute baby-t.. and we had promised ourselves not to spend a single cent on clothes for the day.. but guess what? 
We failed.. 

Cute Zodiac Tees
Carol get herself a dog and tiger..
I got the bunny zodiac instead.. we both wanted to get the snake.. sadly it was so ugly.. we cant even differentiate whether thats a snake or a crocodile... =.=''
After a few rounds of walking we went Coffee Bean for a drink.. =D
Ive spotted a piece of top from Forever 21.. It was really nice..
Got to hold my temptation i guess

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