Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolutions?

mood: random
song: back here (bbmak)

Im kind of getting sick of these "new year resolutions" thingy..
I did it every single year.. but it seems that non of it ever came true..
ermm...however part of it did come true.. But still MOST of it didnt..
i guess im gonna skip with my resolution thingy this year and see how it flows..
who knows maybe what i wanted might come true instead?

But i do have my wishlist for this year which i kind of know that it wont come true..
anyway just to share with you all my wishlist of the year.. xD

 gorgeous eh? i know..
Its been years ive longing for this and i still cant afford it.. i guess i got to get a  part time job for this..

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