Friday, December 4, 2009

Tannie's mini celebration

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We celebrated Tannie's birthday again today with the rest of our collage mates.. xD
We went to get him a cake and lied to him that our class starts at 1.30pm instead of 2pm..
he fell for it and came early..
things kind of got messy when we were rushing to prepare his cake and he came in...
he kinda knew our plan and spoils it..
cilaka mia babi.. ishhh 
Why cant you just pretend that you seen nothing??!!!
anyway, these are the pictures for today..
JJ and his flaming cock!! xD

the cake for Tannie Tan Ke Tiak!

smile till we can barely see his eyes..

hope that you enjoy the celebration from us.. LOL
anyway, i think i better start my assignments which the due date is on the 10th..
Ps: got to persuade my mum so that she allow me to meet Miyavi in Bangkok!!

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