Wednesday, December 16, 2009


mood: sick
song: jingle bells (miyavi)

This is the day that ive finally been waiting for!!
The trip to Bangkok,Thailand to watch Miyavi!! xD

Cant make it to class today .. TT^TT
Our train arrive at 1.45pm and depart at 2.20pm.. so we would have to be at the station at 2pm..
we were shock to see the train that we will be taking all the way to Bangkok!
it looks like some rusty old steel.. =S
inside the train was kind of comfortable though..
so basically, do not judge a book by its cover.. 
camwhore picture of me...
Guess wad?? I got my sore throat and rainy nose when i was on the train..
Damn!! why this time??!! i need to recover soon to be able to scream and shout when i sees Miyavi this Sunday! TT^TT
The whole sick routine went on.. I force myself to drink lotsa lotsa water in order to recover soon..
Our train reached Hatyai at around 7pm.. and our dinner is served..
Was hungry but I did not have my appetite to eat due to the bloody sore throat..
hopefully i can recover on time..

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