Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Day

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song: she wolf (shakira)

It seems to be like my big day today.. =.=
I was not really looking forward for it to come though.. Its simply because it is making me a year older and im no longer in my teenage!!
im now 20!
i know i know.. the 2 in front just made me sounded old.. jeez..
Anyway, my life goes on as usual..
 im having my MOCK presentation today..
and guess what? i wasnt prepared at all!!
oh well..
but thank God my presentation went on smoothly..
And i had a surprise celebration from my coursemates after class..
Thanks JJ, Azzahir & Vicky!
& thanks Hass for the bed sheet!
I really like the chocolate cheese cake!
  Later on, Zeon brought me to Tao for dinner..

 i like this shot =D

  This is where the "all you can eat" buffet starts!!
the dessert
and yes, we ate alot!! LOL
We were both really bloated!! But the food and the services provided by them was good..
Thanks for the dinner Zeon! >3<

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