Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Miyavi Bangkok Fan Meeting

mood: excited
song: superhero (myv)

Im currently in a dilemma now.. sigh.. didnt know how to make my decision whether to go or not to go for the Bangkok trip.. TT^TT
but Miyavi is going!!!
Coincidentally its on the 20th December, which is the date my mum plans to take a trip to Bangkok..
there are only 350 seats available!!
I must make my decision fast before the ticket is sold out!!

Activities detail
- The never-seen-before VTRs, see it first here in Thailand
- Every participant will receive a Christmas present and a chance to shake MIYAVI's hand
- Open interview for fans
- Mini live exclusively for Thai fans

Handshake??!! With Miyavi??!! OMG! i m afraid that i wont let go of his hands after that..
CLICK HERE  for more info

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