Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miyavi 382 Bangkok Fan Meeting

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4th Day in Bangkok
Its Miyavi Fan Meeting Day!!
Woke up at 7am.. Omg! I cant really sleep.. feeling really excited!
Went get ready for the day.. Didnt really know what to wear..
Just put on any pants and clothes that i can find in my luggage.. LOL
and when my mum saw me, she was like *speechless*
I thought ive overdressed.. Omg..but who cares.. i really do not have anymore outfit left..
went for breakfast with Mum, Dad and Wendy.. after breakfast at 11am, ive split up with my parents and went off to the Siam Motors Building alone to collect my ticket..
I thought i was too early at first.. but when i stepped in the building, there are already a number of fan girls waiting.. xD.. While waiting i made 2 new friends.. Train & Pang..
They are really friendly and helpful.. they helped me to translate Thai to English..
Thanks alot you guys *hugs*

At around 12pm, we went up to 5th floor to get our tickets..
OMG.. there are people who are earlier than us...
and MORE!
i got my reservation code.. and the Thai staffs are really efficient! I do not even have to queue up to get my tickets.. they pass me my ticket in just a few minutes when i present them my Western Union receipt and reservation code.. xD
my ticket!
The main door will be opened at sharp 1pm.. 
So,I've waited outside with Train,Pang and the rest of the fangirls..
Sweated like a PIG though..
Met another new friend named Tat.. xD
when the guards opened the door.. all of us rushed in to queue up to get Miyavi's Official Goods..
 Was so ready with camera and all.. and that is when they said that
*translated by Train*
thanks again Train >w<

there is nothing i can do but to surrender my cameras at the counter before entering the hall.. *sobs*
Went searching for my seat and met a friendly New Yorkie seating beside me..
Thank God ive found some one to talk in English to.. xD
and you know what? The stage was really near.. so basically, im roughly 2-3 meters away from Miyavi!  
a picture of the hall that i curi took with my low-end 2.0mega pixels handphone camera
*i dont know why this picture makes the stage looks far*
They played a few of Miyavi's PV as introduction...
And when the clock strikes 2.30pm, the fans were really eager for his appearance..
So, they *including me myself* cheered his name..
When he came out from the backstage the whole hall screamed!..
*that include me myself again*
Im having my sore throat and im still screaming for Miyavi.. LOL
a picture of him hiding behind the black umbrella..
*ahhh!! melts*
(sorry for the blurry picture)
I was really excited to see him..But when he came out from the stage he really do look tired..
As i know, Miyavi is energetic all these while but he is not for today...
I guess he must be really exhausted with all of his live during his World Tour..
he played a small sets of 8 songs for us including my personal favorite Jingle Bells
he is still rocking hard even though he is exhausted because he didnt want to disappoint his fans that has been waiting for him all these while..Anyway, i really did enjoy his performance alot..
during the fan interview session..
(he is in between the 2 host by the way)
and i got to know that he loves Tom Yam too!! xD
Miyavi, you will always be my number 1 idol no matter what happens!
after the event, i took picture of Tat, Pang and Train.. xD
posing with Miyavi's official goods..
I bought Miyavi's 2010 calendar..xD
I wanted to get his Shoxx photo album that costs 3880baht! So it would be roughly RM388++
Sadly i do not have that amount of Thai baht with me that time,i wish that they accept our Malaysian Ringgit instead or else i'll sure buy it..
before we leave the hall, they gave us a picture of Miyavi signed by Miyavi himself as a Christmas present to all of us..>w<
♥ ♥its worth waiting
It was one unforgettable experience meeting Miyavi!
I wished the time just stops right there.. T^T
I guess i screamed too much during the Fan Meeting and now it seems that ive lost my voice..

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