Saturday, December 19, 2009

J-trend Celebration 2010 in MBK

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3rd Day in Bangkok
I really do consider myself lucky for coming down to Bangkok near the festive season..
It really happening here.. and i also had a chance to enjoy the J-trend Celebration 2010 at this kind of time..
*lucky right?*
So, we went for breakfast in the morning before heading to MBK.. It was kind of early and the event havent started.. As usual, my mum went for her shopping routine.. I went down later on around lunch time and i saw lots of cosplayers preparing themselves for the event..

the stage
 I really regretted not buying the Keroro hat.. Jeez!!
 Im really interested in this programme.. but sadly i dont understand what its saying... LOL ..
because all of them is in Thai!!!

  I was really amaze on those Thai cosplayers.. they were really awesome..
And cosplaying seems to be a normal routine here because they do have such event frequently..
I really like the Nana cosplay..

 Sasuke from Naruto
 Misa from Death Note
 chubby raindeer.. xDD
There are alot of cosplays from Kuroshitsuji! xDD 
  Ciel Phantomhive
  Ciel & Sebastian
MeiRin & Finnan 
  Tanaka-san XD
 Grell Sutcliffe
 another Sebastian & Ciel
 I even met Onnies O.O
OMG..her real person is as pretty as her pictures..
From Bakemonogatari
Senjougahara Hitagi &Araragi Koyomi
 Lots of Vocaloid cosplays as well.. xD
Hatsune Miku & Gakupo
  Kagamine Ren &Rin
From Rozen Maiden
 There are really alot of cosplayers from various anime..
So for the time being, i'll let the pictures do the talking ..

these 2 girls are really cute!!
the 2nd girl from the left in lolita is just so adorable.. xD

Love the color combination of this shot

Kawaii!! @@

Caught in act.. I wonder what is she doing? xD
But she did cosplayed her character well.. xD
Hmmmm.. anyone up for some Crossplay instead?
Anyway, they really did a great job on their costumes.. xD
Mang Siao Siao.. This aunty also cosplays k?? xDDD
Janitor Yanki
walao eh??? this uncle oso got SLR..

A picture of me and my sis.. xD
Kakak went back to Penang earlier because she will be working on Monday.. So we sent her off after dinner to the railway station..
T^T no one to camwhore with d.. Have a safe journey back home sis!
and not to forget you still owes me 400baht!! LOL
Guess what day is after today peps??
hmmmm... Dont know?? U sure?
Its the day that im gonna meet Miyavi !!!
Omg!! Im feeling excited and nervous at the same time.. XDD

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