Friday, December 18, 2009

Floating Market

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2nd day in Bangkok
Its my second day in Bangkok, Thailand and today we are going on a trip to the Floating Market.. xD
My throat is recovering bit by bit.. Thank God.. gonna save up some of my voice to scream on Sunday..=P
So basically we woke up at 6am and got ready.. the tour van came at around 7.30am to pick us up..
us waiting..
It takes around one and a half hour drive from Bangkok to reach the Floating Market..
i was shock at first, because i thought this village was hit by a huge storm till its flooded..
 the stalls there
  It really interesting though to see them cooking and selling food on a boat.. xD

our breakfast.. it tasted similar to the Apom Manis we have in our place here.. its just that this is round in shape and abit more crispy..

We went on the boat ride to see the floating village..xD
  This ang moh in front of me showing off his boxers.. LOL
These are a few pictures i took during the boat ride..

  After the market, the van drove us to the place where they sells hand made souvenirs ..
 another talented masterpiece that needs alot of skills and patience..
 We went back Bangkok after that.. rested for awhile and headed straight to Siam Paragon..
 we saw this two performer *i dont know i should i call them* there..
scary and cool at the same time.. xD
 I really like this girl.. she is really talented and pretty at the same time..
 Sawadee ka..
  she is giving the passerby a notebook of the product..
this is when she wanted to give it to us and we were hesitating.. LOL
a picture of her searching for us..
>w< kyaaaaa.. so cute!
  she even winked at the camera when she knew we were taking her pictures..
 but this guy is really scary.. =S
and thats my mum's hand that he is trying to kiss.. xD
 Went around taking pictures of the city lights..
i love this shot! ♥ ♥ 
 There are really alot of performers performing on the skywalk.. interesting...
 The shots i took.. pretty lighting right?? I bet you cant find it here in Penang... LOL
and it is really happening there compared to our place here.. they have live band everywhere..
  I really like the Thai song sang by this band.. I wonder what's the title of the song..

we went McD for dinner after a long walk.. xD .. Ronald McDonald in Bangkok! xD
Not to mention the McD in Bangkok is like 3times the size of ours here.. and most of their seats are sofas..
WTF right??
I seriously felt like staying here forever and never want to go home..
a shot of the busy traffic in Bangkok
Its gonna be a J-Trend event tomorrow in MBK!
got to charge my batteries for tomorrows event..
Stay tune for more updates.. XD

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