Thursday, December 17, 2009


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song: dear my friend (miyavi)

1st Day in Bangkok
Woke up at 9am and I was still suffering with my terrible sore throat.. T^T
Panadol doesnt really help me this time..

Anyway, our breakfast is served.. no appetite though..
bloody throat!
at around 12pm we have reached Bangkok!!
I was suppose to feel excited! Too sick to even talk..
This is Hualampong Train Station people!!
my first meal of the day! lol.. loves the chocolate milk shake!
Tut Tut?
we got a taxi back to our guest house.. after settling down and we started our shopping journey!!
first stop MBK!
the place is kind of similar to our KL's Sungei Wang though..
but the only difference would be the price of the items there..
they are all FREAKING CHEAP!!!
Damn! Love that place so much!
sis and mum
 my new Thai number.. u can contact me if u wan.. xD
And we had Dunkin Donuts for lunch!! xD
We spend almost of our entire day in MBK.. there are too many things for us to buy..
it was like a paradise for me. .
the traffic in Bangkok
we went around the city snapping pictures at night.. the lightings of the shopping malls in Bangkok were all gorgeous!! seriously.. Penang is nothing compared to Bangkok..
this is how MBK looks like at night.. xD
  Christmas tree!
 but if u look close enough.. they are all plushies and toys..
very creative
  We went Siam Discovery later.. xD there is a shop named Loft where they sells goods imported from Japan..The prices were all affordable, cheaper than Penang alot.. xD
i wanted to get one of these plushy.. but sadly they are just too huge. .
  cute hat
 this box of Pocky is really huge! and it cost 580baht!
this lollipop as well.. you can beat the shit out of a person with this gigantic lollipop and wont get charged for having dangerous weapons because this is a candy..LOL
Siam Discovery's lobby..

on the way back .. 
i bought some souvenirs back from here.. this man is just so talented.
after the whole day of shopping, we sent mum, dad and wen back to the guest house first.. as Emily and I continued strolling and searching for the Siam Motors Building where Miyavi's Fan Meeting will be held..
and guess what?
the building is just 2 buldings away from the place we are staying..
So close?!!
went 7eleven to grab some Pocky for snack.. omg.. they are only 20baht!!
a camwhore picture of me.. =P
better get some rest.. because tomorrow is going to be another exciting day!
 Let’s daydream in bed together, May tomorrow be a better day 
♥ ♥ MIYAVI ♥ ♥ 

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