Monday, December 21, 2009

Back in Penang

mood: tired
song:bad romance (lady gaga)

Just got back home at 8pm.. was really exhausted and tired..
went unpacking all of my clothes from my luggage and throw them into the washing machine..
I went for dinner with my parents after settle up everything..
I really do misses Bangkok!
cant really accept the fact that im already back in Penang.. T^T

went checking my Facebook that ive abandoned for a few days when i was in Bangkok.. xD
Ive just realised that i have a few assignments to be complete..
Back to studying mode..
I was so glad that Train-chan added me in both Facebook and MSN.. xD
Chatted with her and she sent me a link of Miyavi at Channel V that ive missed in Bangkok..
CLICK HERE if you cant load

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