Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Sunday

mood: random
song: Levan Polkka (hatsune miku)

Its Sunday!! the day that i do deserve a rest after a whole week of working..
Zeon came to pick me up at around 2pm.. We went over to Gurney for a random stroll and went to Penang Time Square at around 6pm to rot while waiting for my godmom to get back home so that i can get my suit.. xD
a random picture of us.. xD

Around 8pm we went to get my Yanki suit.. Omg!! i was really stunned when i first saw it..
Because it was exactly what i want it to turn out to be.. >w<

All i need to do now is to get someone to do some custom embroidary on the suit so that it wont look that plain.. xDD

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