Saturday, November 28, 2009

Penang SPCA

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Woke up at 8.30am and get prepared for our college trip to SPCA.. xD
JJ came around at 9 something to picked me up.. and we reached there at around 10am..
It was my very first time stepping in though.. XD

the volunteers toured us around the center..
Cats anyone??

this is the place where they kept the cats..

we were then allow to enter the "cubicle" to socialize with the cats..
These cats were cute and adorable.. they just reminded me of my missing cat, Kitty.. TT^TT
So to all cat lovers out there..
Please be kind and bring these cats home and let them be apart of your family..

Next stop..
Dogs corner!!

most of these dogs had their sad history of being abandon by their irresponsible owners..
and they were given a second chance to find a new family here..
I really cant resist looking at their expression..
*puppy dog's eyes*

Please bring us home.. TT^TT

SPCA also provide grooming session for all of these pets in here..

The public are also allowed to register as a volunteer in SPCA to help them out..
Hmmm.. i might consider to register as a volunteer then..

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