Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nyappy's sprained leg

mood: tired
song: havent met you yet (michael buble)

My lil girl boy accidentally sprained his leg when he was to excited seeing me holding his favourite food, carrot..
*what a clumsy pig..* LOL
His leg got swollen badly and he have difficulty walking..
I was too darn worried and i can barely get any sleep that night..
The next day, Zeon came over to get us to the vet.. 

the clumsy patient >w<

The vet gave us his medication and it seems like i do not have any difficulty in feeding him because he seems to love his medicine and asked for more.. =S
*Weird fat pig..* xDD

I hope that he has recovered because i saw him jumping and running happily in his cage when i was peeping from the outside of my room.. and when i walked in he pretended to have difficulties in walking..
Jeez.. i dint know guinea pigs are so good at acting..
Anyway, im glad that he is feeling better.. xD

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