Friday, November 6, 2009

Another day of working

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song: im with you (avril lavinge)

Its been almost 2 weeks that ive been working for Digi.. Time seems to passes so quickly without noticing..
Today, JJ and I will be doing our "hit & run" sales at Beach Street.. But sadly it seems that the luck is not really on our side today because the weather is kinda bad as it was raining the whole morning.. and there goes our customers.. Jeez

random =D

We went back to New World Park to join the rest later at around noon.. since that the weather did not really allowed us to do our "hit and run" today..

Germaine having her "snake lunch set" 

after a whole day of chasing/approching customers and getting a number of rejection from them =S
Our Digi Leng Lui, Germaine.. xDD

No sales for today =,(

Thats all for today.. hoping for better luck and sales tomorrow!!!

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