Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've Popped my cherry

mood: sick
song: crucify my love (xjapan)

I was really sick today.. my fever just subside and my coughing starts..
Im still gonna attend for work today..
JJ and I did "hit and run" again today..

Feeling kinda demotivated after facing a number of rejection by the customers for a week..
JJ came over to pick me up at 9am and we planned to set it up at Jelutong Market.. after observing the environment for a few minutes, we just realised that it was not really a good venue because it seems that most of the population in the market are not computer literate..
We change our venue and went down town.. We went Beach Street and set up our banner right beside CIMB bank.. It was really a strategic place where it seems like many people stops by and ask for our Broadband information.. xDD
Then suddenly, God sympathized me.. as i approach an uncle, he was willingly to listen to my explanation about the plans.. after ive finished them, he ask " what should i do if i want to apply for it?"
 was it something wrong with my ears or i heard wrongly..
This customer really wants it!!!
This uncle has just "Popped my cherry" when i was sick!!!
Please do not misunderstand, what i meant was in sales terms.. xD

I felt so motivated after the first sales.. i guess my hardwork really pays off.. xDD
will be working harder for more sales!!!

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