Wednesday, November 18, 2009


mood: tired
song: already gone (kelly clarkson)

Today after work, i went for a movie with 5 of my teammates.. >w<
We went for 2012.. Thanks Ernest for the tickets.. I wonder how am i going to repay you..
The movie was really nice and touching.. Their effects was awesome!
Really worth watching..

 After the movie, they decided to go for supper at the food court located in Sungai Pinang..
 * our muka serious teamleader*

*let this guy teaches you how to eat balitong in the right way*

* thanks for the Brownie!*

*muka tham chiak*

*lost his voice due to allery*

got home and went promoting the Broadband to my neighbours..
=.=''' *i know thats random*
Hopefully they will subscribe them from me.. *sigh*
Anyway, i had a great day with my fellow teammates..
Thanks alot guys!

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