Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day of work

mood: tired
song: help me (nick carter)

Im currently working as a salesperson for Digi Broadband until my next sem starts.. xD
Will be working together with my course mates Hui Zhen Germaine, JJ &Charles..
 our work starts at 9am.. JJ came over to pick me up at 8am and off we go.. We were really enthusiastic at first, but after experiencing a number of rejection from the crowd, it really makes us down..

the product 

 my first day of work is kinda exciting but tiring.. 
 me >w<

 JJ & I

However it kind of hard in achieving a sale..
But this wont demotivate me from working harder to achieve them..

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millymin said...

You look so slimmmm!