Friday, September 4, 2009


mood: lazy
song: out of the club (pussycatdolls)

Ive been busy procrastinating lately.. =X 
and i have another assignment for Organizational Behavior to be done..
Not to forget that finals is just around the corner.. T^T
Went over to Sunshine Farlim straight after Strategic Management lecture today..
"Chilled" there with JJ and Charles
* not forget with all the aunties there*

Went over to 100yen shop to get some onigiri accessories.. sigh.. i really hate that shop, every single time i step in there, it seems that i cant resist the temptation of spending money.. jeezz.. xDD
Quote of the day by Charles: Do not find things to buy, buy the things that you need..

It seems that i manage to control my spending today by spending only 100yen which is RM4.90 there.. xDD
Charles & JJ
JJ dropped me home at around 6pm.. Went over to Tesco with Zeon after dinner to get some pens..
Felt so motivated after getting some new pens.. *silly right?*

signing off~ゆき

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