Monday, September 7, 2009

Another random day

mood: random
song: no suprise (daughtry)

Woke up at 8am today.. all thanks to Peneloepe's morning call for her breakfast..
and ive just realized that i was out of oat!!
Peneloepe has finished a whole packet of oats in one week!
No wonder she is so fat.. xD
mum dropped me at the pet shop to get her new oats.. and i saw alot of fluffy guinea pigs on sale!
Damn! they are just so adorable.. xDD
but sadly i cant have them.. Peneloepe is more than enough for me.. =D
got home and went to Greenlane McD with JJ to finish up our OB assignments which the due date is tomorrow!! It was so sweet of him to get us a fancy face mask for each of us.. >w<
Thanks alot JJ..
From left: mine, emily's, wendy's, charles's and JJ's
Thats all for today.. gonna rush to finish off my OB case studies now.. xDD

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