Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Day

mood: random
song: gotta be somebody (nickleback)

Woke up at 9am.. went prepared for the 11am class which is Operation Management..
after class i went over to Prangin with Hass to get some stuff done.. which is changing my lip ring.. xD

Finally, i got my double turn lip ring.. a thinner version compared to my previous one..
Compare it yourself.. xD
left old and right new

Thats all for today.. i would be having a presentation for Strategic Management tomorrow.. xD
better get ready.. XD toodles~

signing off~ゆき


Chuckie Cotton said...

U ady had yr presentation...OMG...LOL
I terbocor-ed rahsia...hahaha..


Xherlyn said...

ishhhh... cilaka mia orang.. ishhh