Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad day

mood: sleepy
song: Aozora no Namida (Takahashi Hitomi)

had my Law class at 9am.. the weather was really cold and it makes me felt reluctant to get up from the bed.. xD

During class..we had our "gambar sensasi" of the day.. xD
a portrait of Mr. Tan tengah tidur.. LOL

after class, we went to had our lunch at Poly Cafe.. I guess the luck was not really at our side today.. The car broke down.. sigh..

Charles & Tannie

We would have to travel back to our college with our feet.. LOL
the funny thing is, IM EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

got back college in around half an hour time.. and guess what?? I've screwed up my OB's quiz..
What a brilliant thing.. =w=

signing off~ゆき

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