Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dedicated specially to Toffee

mood: sad
song: nobody (wondergirls)

This is a poem i found in the web which i think that i would want to dedicate it specially to my guinea pig, Toffee

Together we once were,
as happy as it could be,
But luck soon fades,
including you and me.

I wish It couldn't be so,
although I know it's true,
And that the last thing that I said,
was ''I love you''.

The lives we shared together,
was so connected,
Now the hearts are fading,
and will soon be detected.

There will never be another guinea pig,
As soft and as sweet as you,
And I wish I had another chance,
To say much more than ''I love you''.

As time pushes us apart,
I will never forget,
The time we once had together,
Is now in debt.

When I see the sun setting,
I think of you,
But It's not the same,
As me being with you.

I know our time is up,
And I know It was short,
It's what nature does,
But I still wish for more.

I can see the sunlight fading,
Right before my eyes,
And when that time happens,
It's time to say Good bye!

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