Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random post

mood: random
song: guren (gazette)

Was having OM class since 11am.. after class we went over to Sunrise McD for lunch with my course mates.. xD
after finishing our meals, we went playing with the left over sauces, salt and pepper..
*i know we sounded childish*

* the sauce mixer*

* the sauce tester* ewww
*busy with her laptop*

my work! xD

went back over to college and did a group study with Charles..

sigh*.. it seems that i've been piling up my assignment in stacks and havent even touch them...
Guess What? i just realize that the submission date is just around the corner..
got to start doing it now..

signing off ~ゆき

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Chuckie Cotton said...

I see my hair..looks nice