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Lolita style

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These are a few of the Lolita Style that i was planning to try on.. xD

Gothic Lolita
Although the name 'Gothic' Lolita alludes to goth fashion as a whole, the style is primarily influenced by victorian inspired goth style and not cyber goth or industrial style.
A Gothic Lolita outfit like all Lolita styles, is very modest in today's standards. As with other Lolita styles a Gothic Lolita outfit can usually be recognized by the bell-shaped skirt, and puff-sleeves. A Gothic Lolita outfit is usually comprised of black or rich dark colors such as burgundy, purple and navy. It is common for this style to involve details in complementary or contrasting colors, such as the infamous black and white coordination choice.

Guro-Lolita is the fusion of the gothic lolita fashion and the "grotesque". Often described as the "injured or broken loli" or more accurately, "horror lolita," this style is characterized by the popular use of bandages, eyepatches, fake blood splatters and other elements found in medical operating or emergency rooms. However, while a lot of the style centers on medical injuries, it's not always the case. The style can have any injury on the body or none at all.

Wa Lolita
Wa Lolita is a style that is often recognised by the Kimono-esque look of the outfits, and is for those Lolitas who may love to get in-touch with the country that brought about Lolita fashion.
Wa Lolita involves long 'sode' or, sleeves, and 'obi' or sashes that are taken from Kimono/yukata outfits, and fused with the bell-shaped skirt of lolita. Wa Lolita fabrics are often very extravagant like most Kimono fabrics, involving detailed flower prints, and cranes.

Punk Lolita
Punk Lolita is perhaps one of the most challenging styles of Lolita to pull-off, because it takes someone with a lot of knowledge of Lolita fashion to be able to fuse the image of a Lolita with that of the Eastern punk style.
Punk lolita comes generally in two forms, first is an outfit that conforms to the general shape of lolita, a bell shape knee length skirt (or a bit shorter for this style) but without as many clean lines as the other styles. Accessories and fabric choice are very important to this style: deconstructed fabrics and fishnets are a good choice, as are chains and studs.

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat
This style is a lot more mature than lolita in general. It has a lot in common with the western 'Romantic Gothic'. The style imitates the mature decadence of the late Victorian era, with emphasis on simplicity and elegance. It is an androgynous style consisting of black and white, dark colours and natural tones with delicate detailing, lace trimmings, which is completed with black, clunky boots and heavy makeup. A pale complexion is preferred although wearing white makeup is common. Accessories are also essential items in achieving the EGA look. They include corsets, gloves, conspicuous pocket books, stockings, bows and top hats.


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