Monday, July 27, 2009

Changing stud

mood: random
song: back here (bbmak)
Went over to Prangin with JJ and Charles after Organizatnal Behaviour Class for lunch..
So i had planned to get my lip ring changed to a simple stud due to the examination hall rules..
so we went over to Komtar's Exotic and we just realised that its not open on every Monday.. T^T
when i was about to go over to Mandala, we went Prangin's Exotic to give it a try.. Thank God the piercer was there! omg.. i was so glad..
He changed my ring to a stud in just a split seconds!! O.O
and it seems that ive been having trouble taking it out all these while..
What can i say? He's a pro and im not.. lol.. i really want to thank him so much.. my lips no longer have to bear with the heavy lip ring anymore!! xD
and now i can smile easier! *if you consider this as a smile*

even with teeth!! xD

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