Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

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song: 88 (LM.C)

This year's Bon Odori will be my very first time wearing a yukata..
I would thanks those who helped me with it..
You all know who you are.. xD
Thanks alot really

Went there around 6 with Zeon, Charles and Wendy...
it was really hazy ..

Wendy's first stop.. the yoyo balloon stall..
I was really hot and i nearly suffocated in my yukata.. @@
Charles & I

we met up with Hass later on.. xD
Hass & I
Zeon & IThanks Charles for all these pictures.. xD

hmmmm....what's Bon Odori without Japanese kids? xDD
the performance.. and it seems that they have repeated Rasa Sayang a couple of times..

met lotsa people there.. but sadly was too hot to take a picture with them..

The clock strikes 10! and this is the moment everyone is waiting for!!

The price to pay for watching the Fireworks...

the traffic was so congested and we were stuck in the jam for an hour!

Although i didnt really had a lot of fun in this year's Bon Odori but Im still looking forward for next year.. xD

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Oasis Whisper said...

next year kita khemah there...ok?plus my yukata pun siap...lagi syok...i masak spighetti just like my mum's recipe...=D Hass Here