Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tambun Lost World

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Finally! after a week of rotting at home, i can now go on a trip with my college besties!!
I can now hear the Hallelujah chorus.. xD

JJ had plan a trip for us to Tambun Lost World! OMG.. i was so freaking excited the night before till i cant actually get a good sleep.. *silly huh?*

They came to fetch me at 10am and we waited for the arrival of our Princess Hui Zhen.. We headed straight to Tesco after that to get some food supplies and sunblock.. *no one wants to get roasted* xD

We left Tesco as soon as we got all of our things and started our journey at around 11am.. xD
This time i was really shocked and suprise that Haz actually prepared the map to
Lost World!
the map

we went singing all the way during the whole journey.. xD
tunnel.. (journey to the light) xD

Us in the car.. and JJ was driving + cam whoring.. =.=

Haz and I

random picture of me with a mask that i found in JJ's car.. xD

After an hour plus, we finally reached Tambun Lost World!!

Charles, Haz and I

we walked in glamorously with our food supplies and we have just realised that they do not allow food and beverages from the outside to be brought in.. therefore it leads us to no choice but to finish them up before stepping in.. =.=

the "cambodia style picnic" xD

JJ and the tickets

after entering, we played till 6pm.. xD..these are the few shots that i took..

the hut
the pool

omg! this slide was really fun!! serious!

i nearly drowned playing this .. =X

the kid's pool
picture of them after showering.. xD
from left: Hui Zhen, JJ, Haz and Charles

we took a stroll before leaving the place.. xD
JJ and I
before leaving Ipoh, we dropped by Kinta City to have our dinner.. xD

It was a great experience going on a trip with my college besties.. and im looking forward for more with them!
Thanks guys!!

signing off ~ゆき

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