Friday, June 5, 2009

Indie PSC

mood: random
song: i love scream party (SuG)

Time seems to be passing by so fast.. and ive completed one semester without realizing.. LOL..Yesterday's Presentation Skills final exam was ok.. just that ive kinda screwed up the partC.. =X
anyways.. i guess my daily routine will starts now.. which is rotting at home ..
boring gila.. and it seems that recently im obsessed over 2 bands named
SuG (サグ)and ViViD from indie PSC.. not really the entire band actually.. only a certain member of theirs.. xDD
vocalist from SuG
he is so damn cute!

and ViViD's guitarist & drummer!!
Ryouga (guitarist)


Ko-Ki (CrazyDrum &DJ)
So.. i guess my sem break wont be that boring with them as my new obsession for the time being.. XDDD

signing off ~ゆき (>w<)

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