Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random day in college

mood: sleepy
song: mirror's edge ost

Today is the our debate day... lol
so, we were suppose to do our last discussion at 8am before our class starts at 9am..
Azzahir and Vicky was the earliest there.. While waiting for the rest to arrive, Azzahir was telling us about the topic he wanna talk about for the Open Topic on Tuesday..

Azzahir kicks Vicky at his butt!! OMG..

Vicky got so mad and wanted to whack him at his head.. xDD

The debate session went well although we still hope that it lasted longer.. LOL
After class, we KSS-ed a lil.. xD
These pictures are all from JJ.. Thanks JJ.. xD

my favorite picture of the day!!

Thats all for today!! xDD

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