Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Komtar Outting

mood: excited
song: my love (westlife)

We had our Presentation Class in the morning.. After the class we decided to drop by Prangin..
Went over to Prangin with Charles, JJ, Hass and our new friend Aida.. xDD

And I finally found this!! xDD
Checked Shoe laces!!
After having our brunch in Prangin...
We plan to go over to Komtar to rot instead.. we stop by a shop * which i have forgotten its name*.. They were having sales.. so we went it .. we found these retarded spects and start playing with it.. xDD

JJ and I
JJ, Charles and I

JJ and Hass


A family picture of the retarded bears..
Thanks JJ for the retarded photos.. xDD

Its been long.. Ive been hesitating to have you.. And finally, ive made up my mind to "loose" it to you..
Ive made my decisions.. No one can ever change it..
My heart beats faster when we are approaching the place where you been waiting for me..
Every single time i lay my eyes on you, you made me breath heavier..
I cant resist you anymore.. I must have you by today..

You were bigger than i thought.. But it will never make me change my decision towards you... You started to penetrate through my tight channel.. I hurts so badly.. but i love the sensation..
You went deeper and harder.. I moaned in pain.. but i didnt mind sacrificing it for you..
Finally, we went through it together and i was satisfied with it..


My new lip ring!! xDD
nice right?? I love it so much!!!
After spending nearly entire of our day in Prangin, we decided to head over to Gurney..
Rotted there till 6pm and we went back to college for our Moral Studies lecture... xDD
I really had a great day today.. Thanks guys..

signing off ~ゆき


JJ Jason said...

Ur words..

IMhissyH said...

Wow sounds like porn...what a coincidence i created a poem as well but it's a romantic one...hah emo skit today...