Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bra shopping!

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we are having our last presentation of the semester tomorrow and yet we still cant think of the topic that we are gonna talk about.. But luckily it was a group assignment..
My team members were Charles and Tannie.. We were suppose to present about technology and we went cracking our brain to think of one.. T^T

and finally we had decided to talk about..

It was kinda last minute for us to organize every material in order..
We had come out with a plan of buying a bra to demonstrate in the class during presentation...
After the group discussion i went over to Tesco with Charles, Hass and Aida for some
"bra shopping"
LOL * i know it sounded wrong*

the cheap bras! Only RM 6.90 each!! LOL
then we loitered around Tesco.. and it seems that 3 of them had some "veg fever" going around them .. *macam guinea pig* xDD

Charles, Aida & Hass

Went home after that & start rushing for assignments..

signing off ~ゆき

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IMhissyH said...

Muka aku macam nk makan CK jer...but i was only asking about the lemon fresh or not hahah LOL