Monday, May 11, 2009

Face Scribbling

mood: random
song: leech (the gazette)

I started my day by doing my Presentation Skills assignments.. After spending the whole entire day in front of the PC.. I've finally manage to finish one out of three question of the assignment..
I went in to my room and i found an old pencil eye liner that I bought 3years ago..
and there is where the artistic part of me came.. xDD
As a result, i scribbled my face.. xDD

These are a few pictures of my so called "art" ... LOL

random cat fish whiskers

this was suppose to look like a ventriloquist doll.. but sadly it seems like i failed badly.. haiz..
I guess i need more practice.. T^T

My favorite scribble of the day!! xD
~i just love it~ LOL

You just cant blame me for being so "artificial" right??

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