Tuesday, April 7, 2009


mood: random
random: as long as you love me (BSB)

Its another day!!
I woke up at 10am and wanted to go to gym at first.. and i realized that Im going out with Carol later in the afternoon.. So i skipped gym today.. xD heehee..
a random picture of me.. >w<

we went for Tom Yam during lunch and headed to Gurney after that.. xD
we went doing some "survey" for presents.. xD
After walking round in circles surveying in Gurney, we decided to head to QB..

a bitchy picture of Carol xD LOL
we went home around 8pm.. I was a good exercise walking at Gurney and QB.. xD
got home at K.O-ed after that.. xD
Thanks Carol for the day.. I really did enjoy it.. xD


Oasis Whisper said...

skip gym somemore...haiyo...

Carol said...

hahahahahaha... bitchy with new fake lashes on!! woohoo~~ ur fault! XDXD

JJzai said...

Are you sure? walk from Gurney to QB?!

Oasis Whisper said...

wei stamina dah tinggi...hu...huu
let's go to gym tommorrow...tak jadi pergi KL change plan...