Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mid Term

mood: sick
song: circus (britney spears)

Ive just finished my Mid Term exam for Moral Studies with my sick condition.. T^T
Thank God that i was not that hard.. xD
One down, one more to go.. the next paper will be Presentation Skills which is on 5th May..
I was really emo these few days.. well i guess the only way to stop me from emo-ing is to get a new piercing and I WANT IT ON MY TONGUE!!!
Guess wad?! My bloody cat Kitty bit me on my wrist!! DAMN THAT CAT!!
i guess he knows that i was emo-ing and he is just doing me a favor of biting my wrist instead of me cutting it.. jeez~ Thanks to him, my wrist is now swelling and I can barely bend or move my wrist... jeez.. and im now hesitating to go for an injection incase of infections..

That's all for today..


tt2007 said...

How is your wrist? Is it still swollen? Did you need to get medical treatment?

Chuckie Cotton said...

Haha...Ask Kitty to poke yr tongue.