Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cheng Beng

mood: tired
song: this is me (camprock ost)

It seems long since the last time i went for Cheng Beng.. hmm.. mum was mumbling about me not going for Cheng Beng these few years...
As to me, Cheng Beng = mosquito bites + sun burn.. nice equation..
oh well.. I guess i would have to go for it this time to avoid all the fuss..

So, i woke up at 7.30am to get ready and i didn't know that Wendy is tagging along for the very first time.. xD Therefore, this year's Cheng Beng includes Dad, Big Mama, Wendy and I!
It was the very first time i felt excited for Cheng Beng .. lame huh?

Big Mama, me and our little blogger Wendy!!

I was playing with Big Mama's DSLR while waiting for the rest of my relatives to arrive..
I wanted to try taking the Big Head picture taught by Charles our camera expert.. xD

Big Mama
I guess it turn out abit weird though.. Ive still got alot to learn from Charles.. xD

the graves..

scary man.. xD

Dad and my uncles cleaning the weeds around my great grandpa's tomb stone..
Meanwhile, Big Mama, Wendy and I were holding the umbrellas.. lol.. macam dayang pulak..

guess what people?? after an hour of standing under the hot sun, I K.O-ed.. LOL
Lack of sugar i suppose.. xD
i was quite fun though because it is kinda rare for us to do things together... xD


JJ Jason said...

You see dalmation again?

Xherlyn said...

yea.. i saw.. alot man this time.. xD

millymin said...

Ehhh! NOw i realized that my eyes looks like my great grampa's =)