Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random post

mood: bored
song: just dance (lady gaga)

Im officially FREE till next month!!
lol.. but it seems that i was too "free" till i got bored and rotted at home..
My mum was shocked that i actually woke up at 7.30am to start doing house chores.. lol
it seems that my daily routine has changed.. =.= lol
it is just either i rot or just get bored and stared at the thin air.. *sigh*

Till Carol messages me... OMG!!
it has showed that God pitied me..!!!!
then Carol came over and we went lepak at QB!
Gambar hantu dalam fitting room!! xD


I apologize for the *random-ness* of this post... lol
U cant blame me for being bored right?? xD
anyway, thanks for viewing.. =D


Chuckie Cotton said...

eleh...tak ajak....bosim

Carol said...

hahahah.. ling!!! bila mau wear tht top of urs together??? =D i cant wait!!!!