Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunch at Eden

mood: random
song: poker face (lady gaga)

Its 23rd of March!! Its our registration day for the next semester.. whee!!
was really glad that im going back to college to meet up with my mates..

Im taking only 2 subjects for this coming semester.. they're Moral Studies & Presentation Skills...
thank God these subjects are not really that heavy..

After the registration, we went over to Eden to celebrate Charles's belated & Hass's in advance birthday.. xD
the menu

mushroom soup

the main course
the portion was so big that i can only finish half of it.. =.=

and their cake!!! xD
candid picture of Ralph, Vicky and I from Charles's camera
ting , tong, tiang... XD lol

At night, i went over to Zeon's place for dinner.. then we went over to Charles's place after dinner to get my hair bleach... xD
I wanted to bleach only a strip of my hair.. Guess wad??!! my Damn hair was so thick that it actually used up 2/3 portion of the bleach.. =.=

TADAA!!!!!! I look so so lala in the color!! xD
and i feel like bleaching more.. xD


Carol said...


hahahaha... jkjk... faster dye striking red!!!!

Chuckie Cotton said...

eh, blonde thr nice mer, maybe go lighter la, but blonde nice ler. ahem...wht to do, I did it mer...ahems...

Me also updated Eden d.

Xherlyn said...

Carol: dun worry, i will dye another color on it.. so it wun look that lala.. xD

Charles: ehemss.. ya lo.. if the blond is abit more pale then nice d.. xD *applause to ur work*