Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hiking & beach outting

mood: tired
song: poker face (lady gaga)

after a week of rotting at home.. Finally, Charles and Hass asked me out for hiking...*sigh*
Hass came and picked me up at around 3.15pm... I was really shock that she is really punctual this time.. *claps*
then we went over to pick Charles and his dad.. xD
i was excited at first.. until.. halfway through, i start seeing black spots in my vision.. OMG!! i think im gonna blackout.. =S
therefore we rested for quite awhile before we continue our journey to the top.. Thank God that i didnt fainted and rolled down the hill.. lol .. I would really want to apologize to Charles and Hass if i have burden u guys.. T^T
the memorable place that i nearly fainted

i nearly gave up and wanted to hike down the hill.. but with the motivation of my fello friends Charles & Hass i manage to reach the top.. xD

nice view from the top

setting up to camwhore xD
we came down at around 6pm and quickly headed to the beach to catch the sunset at sunset bistro..

Big Bear and Small Bear sweet moments

Pink Bear

We went for the Nasi Melayu again!! xD love it!!
After dinner, we went strolling at the Batu Ferringi night market..

We went to Asia Cafe for a drink then head back home after that..
Thanks Uncle Ernest, Charles & Hass for the wonderful day.. I really enjoy it.. xD


IMhissyH said...

we are your true friends....he..he..=D

9PEK9BO said...

I enjoyed the day. Next one should be Air Itam place! Get Xeon!