Saturday, March 21, 2009

Charles's big day!!

mood: random
song: bleeding love (leona lewis)

Our Small Bear is now finally 19.. xD

I stole this pictures from his Facebook.. =X
Forgive me k Birthday Boy.. xD
cuz i dont think that u wan me to post up ur candid pictures instead.. xD
Have a great birthday!! xD


Chuckie Cotton said...

Haha...Thx for everything. also thx for not posting up Awkward Swollen's Awkward photos...

Btw, whr's the photo for the RM15 cake?LOL

9PEK9BO said...

Hmmm.... this Awkward Kwai...n looks familiar. Now, where have I seen him before?...hahaha!

Xherlyn said...

Charles: Itu cake mia post i belum post up.. XD

9Pek9bo: Never thought of Awkward KwaiL*n .. suits him so much.. XXDD