Friday, March 13, 2009

Another day

mood: random
song: unlimited (aikawa nanase)

Woke up at 10am.. *sigh* I felt so reluctant to get up from my bed.. lol
Got ready and went to gym with Hass..
i was nearly "paralyze" when i got home.. xD
Then, Zeon came over around 3pm.. went to meet up with Charles in Tesco.. After that we headed to Midlands for dinner..

Had my Tom Yum at Sam Hui's Cafe... xD yum yum!!
It seems that i was never bored of the Tom Yum.. xD I manage to get my make up remover from Watsons.. xD
then we went over to Charles's house for guitar practice.. xD
BBMak's Back Here, HERE I COME!!! xD

our guitars xD

got home at around 11pm.. Thank God that the "lion" didnt roar at me.. xD


IMhissyH said...

hah makan tak ajak wei.....copy charles way of speaking...he...he...

Carol said...

tom yam!!! i ate that today!!! XD my mom tengok pun suka.. XD made her lau nua...