Wednesday, February 25, 2009


mood: relief
song: silly god disco (gazette)

Today i sat for my Introduction to Customer Service paper...xD
Thank God that i manage to answer the questions... I felt so relief after the exams.. because i have only 2 more papers to freedom!!!

After the exam.. I went to gym and met up wit Hass and JJ.. xD
After gym, we went for Tom Yam at Sam Hui's Cafe in Midlands!!
Believe me, the Tom Yam is worth it's price!!
Its damn delicious!! Its only RM6 for such a big bowl!!!

Im going there again for my second time after Finals!!
after dinner... we went strolling around in midlands.. and we walk passed a few aquariums.. and Ive realize this fish's mouth is uneven..
*macam ikan kena strok!!*


Chuckie Cotton said...

Fish kena stroke....WOW....LOL...

millymin said...

hahahaahhahha! Ikan kena stroke!