Friday, February 13, 2009

QB outting

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It seems that i have abandoned my blog for quite a long time.. lol..
i was busy with my assignments lately.. *sighs*
anyway.. im gonna write a short post about my outting with Carol.. xD
i woke up at 6.30am.. went getting ready to attend English lecture at 8.30am..
mum dropped me there.. after class Zeon dropped me home..
At around 12pm.. Carol came over and we went to QB together-gether.. its been long since ive gone out shopping with her.. =D
We went in Borders and i found that they finally had the book that i always wanted!!!
T^T sadly it was wrapped..
but i was happy enuff to get to hold and feel the book.. lol
As usual.. we went KSS-ing in the fitting room.. xD
we went over to forever 21.. and i tried on this top..
*OMG!! this is so NOT me* lol

Carol and I

after QB we went over to Tesco for random walks.. lol
I was a tiring day of shopping..
i got home and KO-ed.. lol

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