Monday, February 23, 2009

Dream of Teenagers

mood: high
song: cassis (gazette)

Haiz.. its exams week.. today i had my first paper, which is Management Ethics.. Overall the paper was okay for Section B.. but the Section A was terrible!!
I answered the paper as if i was answering an evaluation form.. xD
*bulatkan jawapan yang anda suka*
anyway... i was suppose to start revising for my Introduction to Customer Service.. sometimes i realise that having a desktop right infront of me is not a good thing.. this is simply because im EASILY DISTRACTED!!!!
sheessshh... oh well..
my Dollfies Fever are back!!!
OMG!! damn!! how i wish to have them right now.. T^T

Ducan has seduced me with his eyes!! T^T *random*


Ducan >w<Delphine
KalixAt the meantime i was chatting with Wei Lyn at the same time.. and it seems that both of us went so *high* about dollfies.. lol
it was always my dream to own them.. no wonder they named them
Dream of Teenagers...
I guess i would have to start working to earn for my very first dollfie..

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