Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Azzahir's pre-birthday

mood: random
song: perfect (simple plan)

today we had planned to celebrate Azzahir's birthday... since his birthday falls on our Finals exam week.. xD
so we went to get him a cake and a card.. xD

*that fello at the back with the smiley face has requested for his face to be cencored in this picture*

Azzahir's mean face.. xD *joking joking*
the cake
the card
lol.. after cutting + eatting the cake.. we continued our henna session.. xD

Haz's legmine!! Its Miyavi's symbol!!!!

then the fello that i have cencored with a smiley face in the previous picture suddenly came and asked for his arm to get "henna-ed"...
i tot he said the henna's colour is disgusting.. but it seems that now he wants it...
hmmm.. didnt know that he can changed his mind so quickly.. lol..
and this is a random picture of my crazy classmates!! xD

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