Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion dinner

mood: tired
song: guren (gazette)

Tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year.. Tonite is the night where we usually have our reunion dinner...


Zeon and my aunt came over to join us for the dinner.. xD

after the steamboat, i went over to Zeon place for second round... xD
I think i would have to spend more time in gym after CNY... lol
Zeon dropped me home after that...
I sat down and chatted with mum till 2am..
Suddenly, a black crawly object crawled over my dad's aquarium and my mum started screaming!! COAKROACH!!! COCKROACH!!!I went waking my dad up.. asking him to "eliminate" that cockroach.. my dad was so tired and he ask me to do it myself!!!
OMG!! i went to get the insect spray.. i was spraying + jumping + screaming..
and finally the cockroach died.. ~on the first day of CNY..
im such a sinner.. T^T

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