Thursday, January 22, 2009


mood: random
song: listen (beyonce)

Woke up at 8.30am today and went printing Customer Service assignment to pass up today.. xD
Zeon dropped me to college around 11am..
around 12 i went to Prangin with Charles, JJ and Ralph..

we had our lunch there
*buka laptop and check whether is there any wireless connection*
*he is really happy about his I Pod*
*acting cool* xD

we went to a shop to try out yukata.. xD
and i really like the black one!! sadly i wasnt able to take a picture of me in it.. T^T
then, after that we went back to college for E-Commerce class..
before going back.. we manage to camwhore somemore.. xD


Chuckie Cotton said...

Whee, camwhore....I wan the look up time we do together, then can post to blog d...whee.

Xherlyn said...

ya lo.. btw.. ive sent the picture of u and Ralph to ur email d.. xD