Saturday, January 10, 2009

Penang Hill trip

mood: tired
song: knocking on heaven's door (avril lavinge)

Charles has been planning for a picnic trip to Penang Hill..
and today is the day.. xD
I woke up around 6 something.. Thanks to Charles's morning call.. xD
we reaches there around 8.15am..

Zeon & I

the cable car

while being in the cable car.. two horny guys are trying very hard to be "hot" by performing a pole dance...*pukes*

JJ and his lala pose

FUIIYOHH!!! Cam whoring by using DSLR!! pity the cameras.. xD

Finally!! we reached the top!! xD and this is where the feast begin!!

makan makan~

some "kids" playing

guess wad?? JJ got stuck!! HAHAHAHAH!!

ehems.. me cam whoring.. the breeze was really nice at that time.. xD

macam Eskimo ~

On the way down, we stopped by a Henna Stall.. And Hass got her leg "Henna-ed"

nice huh?

in the cable car.. on the way down.. xD

It was a great outing.. xD
After that, i got home and K.O-ed..


Charles Key said...

eh, yr photos cantik...

I love this outing.

Sherlyn said...

ehem.. dun puji d la.. kembang liao.. lol